Forgotten TV

Forgotten TV ep 20-Starman

May 1, 2018

The 1986-87 ABC TV series Starman is discussed.

Music themes/clips included

-1984 Starman TV spot
-Starman movie theme by Jack Nitzsche
-Starman TV theme by Dana Kaproff
-various ABC Starman promos/bumpers
-1986 ABC Life with Lucy Promo
-1987 Nestle Crunch commercial w/CB Barnes
-1986 ABC We Belong Together fall promo
-Stranger Things theme

References/fact checking

Todd Andrews
Spotlight Starman International
Science Fiction Television Series 1959-1989 by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia

Starlog Magazine issues 114, 126, 131

Special thanks to Todd Andrews and Spotlight Starman International

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